​​Welcome to the Green Home Based Business Chamber of Commerce

"Where Sustainability, Small Businesses, Eco-Tourism & Communities Meet"

Our mission is to be a "Green Voice" and connect Greenpreneurs, Tourism and Communities, 

while promoting the successful growth of sustainable home-based, small businesses, non-profits, and youth development

through, education, economic development, and networking opportunities.   

Our goal is to educate local communities on green products and services for consumer purchase, healthy living,

social awareness, eco-tourism, creating green jobs, and saving our environment.


Let's Bring your Business out of the closet, Literally!



Are you an independent Green Contractor, Engineer, Architect, Faith-Based Leader, or Health & Wellness Consultant?

Sustainable Artists & Fashion Designers.......

Locally sourced produce is key in our communities.  Are you a Farmer, Food Truck, Chef, Organic Food Supplier, Caterer, or a local restaurant supporting sustainability?

  • Green Visual Artists
  • Green Culinary Artists
  • Eco Fashion Designers
  • Environmental Authors/Writers/Poets
  • Environmental Non-Profits
  • Green Marketing

Eat Green - Farmers, Food Trucks, Caterers......



Travel Green

Why join the Eco-Tourism Movement? Our Goal is to sustain the well-being of local people and/or indigenous communities, while raising visitors’ environmental and cultural awareness.


Does your small business focus on energy, air/water qual­ity, envi­ron­men­tal gov­er­nance, com­mu­nity out­reach and edu­ca­tion, tran­sportation, green build­ing, or envi­ron­men­tal technology?